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Nina Joy

Welcome to Fearless Birth & Beyond Book.

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It’s beyond words, yet I can tell you this and I know it to the core of my being, there were definitely times when I felt the incredible Energy, the Spirit, the Essence of our baby Joy, who’s body temple I had been blessed with, to carry and to nourish for nearly nine months. This child was growing more and more powerful within me, all around me, and the awesome power of LOVE was beyond AMAZING... it felt like pure bliss! 

"If you like reading heart felt true life experiences.

If you like reading soulful, humbling human discoveries.

If you like reading exciting adventure, edge of your seat action.

If you like reading about financial miracles.

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Fearless Birth & Beyond
Joyous Conscious Birth

Nina Joy's Interview with Sheila of Ecstatic Birth!

Sheila Kamara Hay interviews Nina Joy about her book Fearless Birth and Beyond.

Nina Joy, the author of Fearless Birth and Beyond: Joyous Conscious Birth, shares how 20+ years ago she was able to make the radical choice for Ecstatic Birth, some of the details of those consciously created births, AND the ramifications of having moved through this portal to motherhood on her terms!

To stay in the loop with future Conversations to Transform Birth and access tools and resources to prepare for your Ecstatic Birth, join the email list at: Taking the gifts of birth and consciously using them to birth your soul's babies, with pleasure is the basis of the Ecstatic Goddess circle beginning in January:

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"The popping and crackling was getting louder and louder! The ocean felt wonderful, supportive. In salt water you're already more buoyant and when pregnant, I guess even more. I took a moment to empty my leaking mask and looked around for the Spinners. I didn’t see any dorsal fins above the water, yet just as soon as my face entered the ocean I was surrounded. There were dolphins in every direction! My body was tingling all over! I was giggling and crying at the same time! I swam with captive dolphins before and had numerous dreams with them, yet this was incredible! The precious waterbaby inside of me seemed to be swimming too and loving it as much as I was. We were surrounded by dolphins, sooooo many dolphins!!! By then Bracken had caught up with me and there were some friends with Kayaks, just in case I got tired. I have loved being in the water all my life and for a long time I had practiced swimming like dolphins do, mimicking their undulating movements and my body seemed to automatically take on this type of motion, I totally felt like I was part of the Pod!"

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"I remember that I was wide-awake and eager to see how far along I was. I’d been squatting with each contraction/expansion, (I coined this phrase when I was pregnant with Now Joy, I added ‘expansion’ because you do want your cervix to open and expand easily and effortlessly) I just knew in my heart that this baby was going to come much faster than the last. Mary Ann checked me and was pleasantly surprised that I had already opened to about 6 cm. and that the bag of waters was still intact. Joan explained that one big reason I was having such an easy time of it was that the bag of waters was acting as a cushion for the baby’s head and my Cervix. It was amazing! I was having a painless labor!"

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The Dome looked about the same on the out side yet when we went in, so much had been accomplished and we were soooooo happy to see the bathtub was in place. The faucets still hadn’t arrived but were due any day. Gaylord and Butch were still working on the drywall in the bathroom, Bill, our electrician was setting the lights, and the glass block shower wall was beautiful, but only half done. If you’ve ever witnessed the building of your own home, you know that everything doesn’t always go smoothly. From picking out just the right fixtures, to choosing where you want your walls, there are always delays. It can be pretty stressful for anyone, let alone someone who is... NINE MONTHS PREGNANT!!!"

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"It isn’t always easy to think thoughts of appreciation when you are in the midst of a negative situation. Since our first day of birth, in fact even before we are even born and still inside our Mother... our mental, emotional and physical programming began! You literally felt when your Mother was emotional. Because we are made up of vibration we aren’t, as most think, separate from our Mothers energy. If our Mom was consistently joyful or fearful while we are in her womb we consistently learned what her emotions felt like. Then consistent sounds and words were heard and the corresponding vibrations 
or emotions connecting with those words were felt. It’s no wonder why we have fears and phobias that just seem to automatically be built in. Please don’t misunderstand, there is no blame intended. I truly believe that everyone is doing the best they can in any now moment. You don’t know what you don’t know, right? Where each of us are... emotionally... is directly due to our life’s programming. Even while in the womb."

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