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Drivers Make More!

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Ultimate Life University

At Ultimate Life University, we understand that learning Life is difficult. That’s why we present our lessons in multiple formats so you can take your courses when you want to, wherever you want to, and at your own pace.

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The Deal

Internet Marketing Training Courses
and Resources.

Some of the Best You Can Find!

Learn from the Best!

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Be Loved and Be Love Ministry

Love is the Key

Fearless Birth & Beyond

Three Water Birth Stories by Nina Joy and "How To Tips", to have a gentle birth.

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Support Namutumba Child Voice Network

Uganda has 2million orphans and 80% are food insecure.

Uganda has about 2 million orphans ,69% children pupils complete primary 46% complete secondary ,19% complete university, 80% are vulnerable household and food insecure and 90% have no daily source of income.

Support Children Here

Xanadu of Sedona

Dome Living Course Introduction... This course will introduce you to how it actually feels to live inside a concrete monolithic dome home. It will also show you previews of more Dome Building videos, in the Dome Living Course.

Dome Living at Xanadu, meaning a "Heavenly Place"... The Cherry Family have lived in Domes for over 22 years. 

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